New Music – Hate On Me

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This song is for all the people that feel like they have haters! whether it’s behind closed doors or if it’s it straight up front and in ya face! enjoy the appreciate them they are choosing to give you their energy which means you are valuable your important! It also means keep doing what you […]

New Music – Havana Freestyle

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      I fuck with this record heavy! Who would of thought that Camilla Cabello and Young Thug was a perfect match! So I had to put my spin on it how I do! but if you was fucking with it please like comment and subscribe to my channel so much more is coming […]

New Music – Hello

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Summertime is right around the corner and I wanted to make something specifically for it! I vision this song be played at all outdoor functions! Plus it’s a song to get back with ya ex girlfriend too! So I believed I killed to birds with one! Y’all let me know if y’all like it!

New Music – Do it

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Anytime you leave the house feeling good about ya self! Then you know any women in the world would “Do It” just for you! So play this song in the morning before you leave the house play this before you got to the club to get you in that right mood! I bet she’ll “do […]

New Music – Come Thru

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I wanted to create something that could connect to a particular feeling! them late night mission when you need someone to talk too! I think those are the more memorable situation in terms of relationships, whether that’s ya wife, ya girlfriend, ya side bitch, ya fuck buddy this is for you! Let me know if […]

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